latin american film, international film 60-present

Apr 2006

Pena is an interesting character. He is VERY knowledgable about historical facts and filmmaking in general, however does not teach his class like a film class. He teaches it like a history class, going on for two hours about the history of the respective country and relates that back to the film industry. You will learn more information about the history of a country than that of its filmmaking. Pena does not focus on the aspects of filmmaking that make a film class interesting, rather the mundane details that could bore anyone. This is not to mention his film selection for class. He chooses to see films that are not necessarily the most popular, but have a political message. He is more interested in the political aspect than the aesthetic qualities of the film that so many film majors want to know about and learn in other class. Oh and by the way be prepared to stay EXTRA LATE in his class. When a class is scheduled to go from 6:10-10:00 it goes from 6:20-10:30 or later, so watch out. He never starts on time and has no regard for his students. With this said, however, he is a nice guy and is a wealth of information that seems endless.