Deviance, Disorganization, and Social Control

Jun 2006

Prof Vaughan is an incredible woman. Every sociology class should be as accessible yet informative as hers is. She organized information so at the end of the course I didn't feel as if I had just learned a bunch of theories but, rather, saw a larger picture about the topic. Unlike many professors who just want you to spit whatever they say back at them, she made us also employ the theories critically and gave us the opportunity to make informed theories of our own in relation to what we had already learned. She helped show every student how to think sociologically as well as just understand a sociological theory. She was also extremely warm and had a great sense of humor. Her only flaw was that sometimes she let class discussion get out of hand and didn't direct it enough. This was her first undergraduate course, though, so she'll probably get better at this. The course material she chose was fascinating and her own work was especially enjoyable which is not always the case since it seems like many professors just include their own material because they have egos about it. Hers was actually groundbreaking in the field and very exciting. Take this course! I wish I could take it again.