First Year Seminar: Images of the Body

May 2006

Honestly, I read the CULPA reviews before signing up for the seminar and thought to myself, "She can't be that bad!" She was worse than I could have ever imagined. If you decide to take a class with Lynn, be prepared to suck up big time on the first day of class and claim prior dance experience, since she will decide your grade on the first day. There are plenty of interesting first year seminars offered each year, do not waste your time with Lynn. Images of the Body offers a really interesting topic with great readings, but being in a classroom with this woman for 2.5 hours every week was the worst academic experience of my life. As said in past reviews, she is an expert on dance history, and she knows it. At many points it seemed like she was out to blatantly insult 16 first-years. Either she would ask elementary-school questions ("Ok girls, do you know what a run on sentence is?") or reject any of our opinions that did not match something she read in a book. Plus, many of her opinions tend to be simplistic. Most of the class was reviewing plot summaries of books read, sometimes she would even ask what happened on a certain page of the book. In terms of papers written in the class- the prompts hardly have anything to do with the readings which makes them very difficult, and once you write the paper she marks it up so much and writes in her ideas of what you should have said, so it is no longer your original work. I don't know how a dance history class would be with Lynn, but in terms of first-year seminar, trust me, it's not worth the time or frustration.