Beginner II

May 2006

She is very dedicated to her work. There is no arguing that fact. However, her style just did not work with me. I came to Columbia having never taken a day of Spanish in my life. I needed a professor that understood that Spanish is not second nature to some people in the class. The fact is, Golston thinks that in a Beginner Spanish II class, everyone should be able to speak and because of a few students who are too lazy to take the level they are ready for, the majority of students who are at a Spanish II level end up suffering. She teaches to the minority, not the majority. If you are good at Spanish, by all means take her. She will gear the class towards you. However, do not take her if: You want an easy A, you have no background in Spanish (preferably an extensive one), and you don't want to deal with little busy work homeworks everynight. You learn a lot, if you sleep with your textbook at night, not from her directly.