Horror, War, Senior Screenwriting Seminar

May 2006

See that I've listed not one but three classes for David McKenna? That's because he is quite simply the MAN. McKenna is a dying breed, a genuine rough and tumble liberal whose hit the skids a time or two but definitely knows his shit cold. Unless you're relatively thin-skinned you'll get over where you and McKenna diverge personality wise (he is by his own admission a bit of a letch, crude and extremely opinionated-but that's the FUN). Yes its an easy B if you're willing to show up and do the bare minimum but man oh man its a well deserved A if you can get one. COntrary to other posters if you keep your own bullshit academic posturing to aminimum and make an effort McKenna WILL be interested in you and your ideas. If he's not giving you something to chew on, he'll be dropping an intriguing releavent anectdote or saying something to get a rise out of the easily shaken. If you're a film major you owe it to yourself to take as much with McKenna as possible. How good is McKenna: a friend of mine took the same class (war and propaganda in film) with him TWICE! And he wasn't even a film major.