Aug 2006

Funny guy, if you pay a little bit of attention; he'll make his blackboard diagrams into dirty jokes.

Jun 2006

I liked the course and the professor. The professor makes lectures interesting (although sometimes she does tend to spend too much time on one topic) and always encourages student participation. Her office hours are usually helpful, if you can get a chance to ask your question (she sometimes spends half the time on one pretty easy hw problem, leaving little room for other questions). In terms of material, it is not as difficult as the previous reviewer makes it out to be -- there are few scary proofs, if any. The problems on the exams and quizes are usually basic and ones that we've seen before (especially on the quizes). I don't mean to say that the class is a breeze -- I definitely spent a lot of time studying and doing hw for this class, but not as much as for others that I've taken.