Parody, Plagiarism, Postcolonialism

Jul 2006

Joey's a bit...prickly, on the surface, but after a few classes he definitely opened and made our class one of the most unusual and fascinating courses I had as an English major. Given the continued "trendiness" of postcolonial studies Joey does a good job of finding new and unique ways of exploring a field that's really vast. By focusing on texts that have been accused of plagiarizing more well-known "Western" texts, the class managed to both find ways to discuss more general issues of postcolonial writing and to enter into some problems and issues of copyright, authorship, cultural history, etc. Joey never forced the class to find definite answers but instead allowed for a lot of leeway and open-ended discussion. Given the often- polarizing political questions that can accompany discussions of postcolonial societies, I was impressed by his consistent ability to allow for different viewpoints but keep the discussions engaging and relevant. He's got a very unusual take on the issues raised by the texts and always pushed our class to really explore what the authors were doing, implying, or creating. It was the best class I had all semester - certainly the one that I learned the most in.