Intermediate II

Jul 2008

As someone with little to no real interest in taking a language credit having Pilar was an amazing gift. She is by far the nicest Professor I have ever encountered at Columbia. Always available to help and never impatient, Pilar proved my previous distate of language Professors whotly wrong. I almost considered continuing my Spanish studies...almost.

Dec 2007

Prior to having Profesora Sooudi I took French classes so I don't really have any other Spanish professors to compare her to. What I can say is that she was much better than any French professor I've ever had. Conversation was definitely encouraged. She expected us to use the language instead of just listen to her speak and was more concerned with fluency than how many vocabulary words we knew. Profesora Sooudi enjoys a good discussion...this class wasn't like some of the french classes I have taken where awkward silences prevailed. She is so sweet, you feel guilty if you don't make an effort. I would definitely take another class with her!

Apr 2007

Professor Hoffman is an extraordinary instructor. She will not only teach you Yiddish but she will also impart to you a real sense of the culture that inspired Yiddish. She is truly special.

Dec 2006

I found Prof Estrada to be very committed, enthusiastic, and incredibly sweet. Intermediate II covers some of the finer points of Spanish grammar and style, and she's set on getting her students to understand these concepts in preparation for higher-level courses. The coursework is, overall, pretty interesting, and there's really no need to stress out for the tests if you put a decent amount of effort into studying. Prof Estrada also makes herself very accessible to her students. She's always happy to help you to clear up any confusion about grammar, the essays, etc, and never acts condescending if you come to her with any questions. Highly recommended!

Nov 2006

This was by far one of my favorite classes this semester. There is hardly any work involved, and Usher is a really nice guy. If he calls on you in class and you don't know the answer, just say Je ne sais pas and he'll call on someone else. The few quizzes we had were very easy, and he reviews the material for the first 45 minutes of class before the quiz, so it's almost impossible not to do well. As long as you go to class and pay some attention, you should hardly have to study at all. I didn't study at all for the midterm and made an A on it. Definitely recommend taking this class with Usher.

Jul 2006

Dr. Parveen, if I am not mistaken, no longer teaches at Columbia. The class I took with her was an organizational disaster: she was often late, she often lost homework assignments, and all we did was go around the room reading aloud from a not terribly good Hindi novel. I can't say for sure if the novel got better because the class ended long before we got through reading it. I certainly didn't learn anything. Make no mistake: staffing of lower-level language courses at MEALAC is such that the only way to actually learn Hindi is to hope for a good TA. Dr. Pritchett was an excellent introductory Hindi teacher, but she unfortunately no longer teaches lower level classes. Dr. Parveen is a nice person and a very poor teacher.

May 2006

Highlight of my week, best teacher i have had yet. If I had had Prof. Miranda for as long as I have been learning spanish, I would have been fluent years ago.

Nov 2005

First of all, how do you even go about pronouncing her name? I don't even know. But once you get past the fact that you have no idea how to address her, she's way nice. Not to mention honest. A little too honest, sometimes. Oh, and don't be concerned if you don't know how to speak French or if you can't understand French - because she speaks in ENGLISH! She has a beautiful accent when she does speak in French, though. Plus, she teaches us French curse words, which is pretty sweet. This class isn't the best if you want to enhance your French vocab or pronuciation, but it's good to fine tune some minor grammar points. Take the clas if you just need to fulfill the requirement!

Jan 2005

Professor Potlewate is one of the best professors I have had for French. She is a very articulate and clear professor, who really looks out for the best interests of her students. While the class covers different topics quite quickly, she will spend time on things that her students seem to not be comprehending and is quite flexible with assignments. I would highly recommend her for French.

Dec 2004

While it is true what some of the other reviewers have said, Prof. Rayo may not be the best Spanish teacher ever, she certainly leads the most fun Spanish class I have ever been in. She is a very fair grader and a really nice person. There is a reason that about 15 of the students in my intermediate II class have had her for three semesters in a row. We all love her and couldn't even think about taking Spanish with anyone else. She has increased my interest and love of the Spanish language and culture ten-fold. If you can, I really recommend taking a class with her, you won't regret it.

May 2004

Rayo is a sweetheart-stylish and fun, but she is a terrible teacher for beginning spanish. If you want to learn grammar, vocab, or structure, don't take her class. If you would like to read some poetry (which you may or may not understand) and then try and pretend to know spanish in essays and tests, then take Rayo's.

May 2004

I cannot begin to express how dissapointed I am with the classes I took with Prof. Bellati. Disorganized, unhelpful, and obnoxious are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of this class. Every student I spoke with agreed that it was a living hell four times a week, and none of us got anything out of it. He grades too nicely at times to compensate for the fact that he doesn't teach, and even though I got an A-, there were several kids in the class that did not do well at all. I was actually warned against taking Prof.Bellati and I took his class becasue nothing else fit into my schedule. What a mistake. He may be a decent enough guy, but he's a horrible teacher, and the class is by far the worst I've ever taken in my life, either here, or in high school.

Apr 2004

Professor Riobo is a really great guy with a great personality. If you take the time to get to know him, he appreciates it. I took this class in the fall of 2003, and I still see him around campus and town, but the difference is that he, unlike others, takes the time to talk with you and see how the rest of your semester is going. Come into this class with the expectation that you will be doing all the work on the syllabus and I guarantee you will come out happy. Riobo is a fair grader and generous at times. I came out of this class feeling really good about my Spanish skills and will definitely take another class with him before my time here is up, even though I am not majoring in Spanish.

Dec 2003

This is the best french teacher I've had this side of the atlantic. She is heaven compared to the anal grad students they have teaching across the street. She truly wants you to learn French, and will not get bogged down in the infinite details and exceptions, but would rather have you become proficient in the everyday lanuage. I concur, soo sweet. ALSO Barnard Intermediate II is only twice a week, as opposed to 4 times a week at columbia. Check this out!!!

Dec 2003

Wow, there are no words to describe how much I hated this course and this professor. Where to begin ... I learned NO Spanish from her whatsoever, as she did not teach so much as she babbled on about poetry for ever and ever and ever. She didn't follow the syllabus and was perpetually behind. Terrible lecturer ... if you can even call them lectures. Even if she were speaking in English, I doubt I could follow what she was saying. Stay far away from this class!

Dec 2001

Sooooooo sweet. Participate in class and she'll love you forever. The class isn't fascinating, but hey, it's intermediate grammar. I really liked her.