Cultural Construction of Women in 19th Century Spain

May 2010

Professor Rios-Font knows how to create a laid-back classroom environment in which she doesn't pressure you to speak and she encourages questions. She has a lot of insight into the history of Spain and about each of the readings that you do. This class covers a lot of readings and novels and sometimes the amount of reading can be overwhelming. However, Wadda is very willing to go over things that were confusing in the reading. Because there were only 6 people in my class, it was important to do most if not all of the reading so that the class discussions could progress. It was very nice that we didn't have to write any papers throughout the semester. She is a very fair grader and is very approachable if you have a question about your grade. I recommend taking any class with her, as she is very nice, intelligent, and relaxed.

Jul 2006

Professor Rios-Font is a great addition to the Barnard Spanish department. I went into the class a little worried--it was the only literature class that fit into my schedule, and it didn't sound all that relevant to other things I was studying. It turned out to be a ton of fun, especially the first part of the semester, which involved reading historical documents (medical texts, legal texts, etc.)--it sounds dry, but it was really interesting and often hilarious, especially the medical commentary on women. There ended up being only 5 people in the class, which also made me nervous at the beginning but was nice because everyone really had a voice in the class by the end. One problem with such a small course is that everyone had to do the reading, or else we ran into problems during the discussion. But Rios-Font never forced anyone to speak or anything like that, and it ended up being a great dynamic. I would certainly take another class with this professor.