Introduction to Vocal Repertoire

Mar 2008

MY FAVORITE CLASS EVER! If I could take this class every semester with Jane and my classmates from last semester I would. Jane is an absolute sweetheart (WAY laid back-very cool), although she definitely spews out a few unintentional insults throughout the semester. They're so rude though that it's funny. She is open to hear any and everything you have to say or suggest, and loves to hear from the class. I really looked forward to going to this class every week; everyone was so talented and we all shared a passion for singing.

Aug 2006

Josephine was great! My dad couldn't understand why I would take this course - he even asked if I would do basket weaving next, but after the semester he retracted that and was amazed at how much my voice improved. Josephine is very helpful and is always available for extra help. While you certainly learn a lot, the class is also nice because you have such a nice, relaxed atmosphere where you just sing and learn how to improve.

Aug 2006

Best TA that ever lived on this planet. He was the pianist for our class and man - he could play. His knowledge of piano was outstanding itself, but he was also wonderful at using his skills to help vocalists improve. He knew all of the concepts we dealt with in class and was able to help students use them to their advantage. Moreover, he was ALWAYS available to meet for extra pratice. I met with him at least once a week, someitmes more, and it was always fun and helpful. If you are blessed from heaven with Jorge, make sure to use his services as much as possible. Hip, Hip, Jorge! (Yankees fans should get that one)