The Medici and their Artists

Sep 2006

Lynn is wonderful. She's incredibly knowledgeable about Renaissance art, and while it's clearly her passion, she has a down to earth approach to it- she isn't afraid to criticize or joke about it. She's warm and funny, but don't conclude that you wont need to do any work. Though she's not a hard grader, definitely get started on the paper early, and be prepared for a lot of research. Make sure you run your topic by her, as she has a vast knowledge of useful sources and can warn you if you're topic will lead you to a dead end. This course really emphasized the history aspect of art history, with a focus on documents that pertain to the political and economic context and the works' authorship or original usage rather than theories on the meaning and achievements of the Renaissance. We also covered works, like parade ephemera, that are helpful to understanding Renaissance culture but, since now lost, infrequently covered. A really interesting course, and one from which I've learned approaches to thinking about and researching the Renaissance.