Conflict-(non) Resolution

Nov 2006

Uri is really nice and laid-back and knows how to laugh at himself. At the same time, however, being really relaxed about things isn't always the best quality in a professor. The class seems to have no structure whatsoever, and he never seems to really care if you've done the readings or not. The worst is when his being laid-back is couple with you doing more work. For example, half way through the semester he decided that our 10-15 page paper should actually be 25-50 and though he gave some very, very open suggestions for topics, we were pretty much told to write on whatever we want. Which, in my opinion, is more because he's too lazy to organize it than because he genuinely wants us to have the freedom to do whatever we want. That said, the readings for the class, if you choose to do them, are actually really interesting and good, and in general, the discussions are also worthwhile. So, in conclusion, I wouldn't recommend him, but it's not the worst class either, I would just be sure you are really interested in the topic before you take a class with him, because otherwise you wont get much out of it.