Global Lit--First-Year Seminar

Dec 2010

I have had Orlando as my professor for two courses now and I must say he is the best professor I have had at Barnard/Columbia. This is a professor who truly cares about his students and wants everyone to do well. He makes sure that everyone understands the material, is very open to students asking questions, understanding about deadlines, and always available to meet during office hours. You will have to talk in this class but honestly it's fine. I often dread taking classes that meet late in the afternoon but having such an amazing professor makes it difficult to ever dread going to class. This man is beyond intelligent, when you least expect it he ties the material from the readings to other fields in a way that just makes everything make sense. As the previous reviewer said, Orlando is a true intellectual but what makes him different from other Columbia professors is that he never makes you feel like he is bragging about his knowledge, he shares it in a very modest way and he values the input of every student. There are not enough words to describe what a great professor he is. Definitely favorite professor thus far!!!

Dec 2006

There are already several glowing reviews for Prof Glover, and I just wanted to add to the pile. This woman rocked my first semester world. Not only is she brilliant, but she's great at encouraging meaningful, interseting discussion among her students. If you have her for FYS, she will not only teach you the fundamentals of college-level writing (as first-year english courses are intended to), but she will also make you go above and beyond the expectations found in most other classes. So basically, you're pretty much set for any type of essay-writing at CU if you take a course with her. Prof Glover is also very accessible, and is always willing to discuss paper topics. She's a very fair grader and puts A LOT of effort into her crits, just to make sure that her students really do improve their writing. The material is interesting, and the reading is very rich. This course has made me very excited about pursuing further studies at Columbia/Barnard. TAKE ANYTHING YOU CAN WITH PROF GLOVER.