Elementary Hindi I, Elementary Hindi II, Intermediate Hindi I

Feb 2020

Jishnu is one of the worst professors at Columbia and I encourage everyone to think twice before staying in the class with him. Jishnu openly degrades and humiliates his students, and picks on them for everything. He will make fun of your speaking and pronunciation and degrade you in front of the entire class. He has picked on students to the point where they start to miss class because they cant deal with his bullying. He is a terrible professor. Take Aftab or Rakesh instead! They are amazing professors, and you will actually grow as a HIndi speaker with them as your mentors. I dont think I learned anything the entire semester because of Jishnu.

Dec 2019

Aftab Ji is an incredibly caring and thoughtful professor. He includes all students and makes sure everyone is up to speed. I went from knowing no Hindi to being able to read, write, and talk about basic things. In the latter half of the semester, he shows a lot of videos that give students a sense of Indian culture and also a realization of how much they can understand already. He has great taste in films, music, and poetry and is so unpretentious and sweet it was really hard saying bye to the class. I will miss his class. I wish he was teaching the next level. He deserves a silver nugget!

Apr 2016

Great professor, more quiet than others, but he really is approachable and very nice to his students.

Sep 2009

Dalpat is an excellent teacher. He taught us Hindi language,literature, movies and so many other things. I learned a lot in two semester. He explains all the concepts very well and I would love to take any class with him again.

Sep 2009

Probably one of the most lenient and easiest professors I have ever encountered at Columbia. If you're new to hindi or are really looking to have a solid foundation, he's not that great. He has a thick accent and has a tough time explaining a lot of grammar concepts. That said, he does try and get a lot of reading practice in for the class.

Sep 2009

Has an accent, is a bit all over the place with lessons, doesn't explain concepts well. But he is a sweetheart (for the most part), and is lax on grading. If you're looking to REALLY understand the language, you won't get much speaking practice here, and he doesn't explain grammar rules very well.

Jan 2007

Professor Matone is amazing! She makes Latin interesting & totally painless. At the elementary level, she expects you to learn a lot of grammar on your own time & gives daily quizzes, but she does not give massive amount of homework. In Intermediate, you are expected to do the translations but not to hand in. She reinforces grammar by asking identification questions for homework & periodic quizzes. Her exams are intense, but you will probably be pleasantly surprised by the grade you receive. She is also very good-natured & nice. Take Latin with her & you will have a great time.

Nov 2006

Professor Sharma is GREAT. I can't say enough about her. She goes out of her way to make Hindi accessible to both native and non-native speakers and she makes the class fun, bringing in songs, food, and video clips. It's a difficult language, but the grade is spread out over many quizes, participation, a presentation, homeworks, and a journal. The quizes are very fair. She tells the class the format and which vocabulary to study.