Film Production

Jan 2019

Sandra Luckow is the most self-obsessed, manipulative and exhausting professor I have ever had during my four years at Columbia. I do not believe I have ever encountered a less experienced yet blindly narcissistic individual. For the love of god do NOT TAKE SANDRA'S COURSE. I am fully, 100% convinced that the only positive review on CULPA was written by her. She is the very definition of "Those who can't do, teach."

Feb 2015

Sandra is loud, opinionated and the antithesis of a Columbia academic. Making no attempt to be politically correct, she frequently uses class time to tell lengthy stories from her personal life and has poor time management skills. Her senior film production seminar is a huge time commitment and offers students little but a camaraderie in their misery.

Nov 2006

The school is lucky to have Larry. He is one of the few teachers in his field that actually knows what he is doing, and that it works in the REAL WORLD. He is a producer, cinematographer, director, and screenwriter all in one. If you look him up on IMDB he has a real repertoire unlike the other people in the film department who are floating around in academic-la-la-land. Larry may be a bit harsh, he might talk too much and too loud, he might be really busy outside of class (he has a job outside of Columbia) but he is the real deal. He always makes time for his students and always replies to e-mail asap. He cares immenseley about his students and about well-made movies in general.