20th Century Urbanization

Apr 2005

James was a good TA. He ran interesting discussions and just generally seemed like a good guy. Even though I never went to his office hours, I got the impression from others that he was very accessibly. I found his grading to be extremely fair. I'd definitely recommend him.

Apr 2005

overall, a really interesting class. the lectures are not always organized as well as they could be, but they are definetly interesting. there are no books, only a website (which you really dont have to look at unless youre interested in the material) do have to come to class every time or else find someone to take notes for you, because that is the only way of getting the material. i found the class very interesting and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in cities in any way. i do have to say that prof. gutfreund is not my favorite prof, and sometimes i think he wants things done his way a little too much, but he can also be friendly and funny. and none of his personality really effects how the class goes.

Apr 2001

This class was, far and away, the best I have taken so far. Perhaps the previous disparaging reviews were from non-Urban Studies majors. A word of warning: if the structure of cities and all that goes into them doesn't make your blood steam, don't bother. I, though, do get a little hot under the collar when it comes to sewage systems and zoning restrictions and mass transit systems. Owen's lectures are well-organized, and he's fantastic about getting the information packed in, and leaving time for questions at the end.