History of Dance II

Dec 2006

Lynn deserves more credit than these CULPA reviews give her. She does expect a lot from her students, and the course requires a lot of work. If you're looking for an easy class, this isn't it. But if you are someone who is interested in the history of Western European dance (ie, the history of ballet and modern dance), and if you have a personal interest in concert dance, then this is a class that you must take in order to have a solid understanding of the dance world as it exists today. She grades papers thoroughly and returned them in a timely manner -- our papers were done in a day or two and mine was covered in comments -- clearly, she read the essay before she decided on a grade. I found her accessible during office hours and very willing to go over potential paper topics with me -- she pulled books off her shelves to give me to help me in my research. This class made me want to become a dance major because I realized how much there is to know and that Lynn is the person who knows it inside and out. If students don't like that she is an exacting editor, I don't know who their professors have been. No one wants their professor to notice typos in a footnote, but at least they are looking and they care about your precision. The professor is a compassionate, kind, caring, very very intelligent, accessible woman who has a lot to offer if you can manage to put your ego on hold for a semester.