URBS V3525 20th Century Urbanization in Comparative Perspective

Apr 2001

Forget what everyone else says. He is a really dedicated, interesting teacher. If you find him boring, it just means Urban Studies is not for you. You aren't going to learn about the development of crack ghettos in new york, exciting gang fights for neighborhoods, mafia landlords, or lakes catching fire in ohio. What you are going to get is a really solid introduction into urban development, and it actually can be interesting. You can't be lax about the course though.... it will bore you to tears if you miss a day of class or don't particpate in the online discussion sections... because you will have no idea about what is going on. If you have about two hours outside of class each week to devote to the course, you WILL stay interested, and you WILL do well. THERE IS NO HOMEWORK. There are three papers - one a short research paper on the city of your choice (fun to do, just do your research ahead of time so you don't kill yourself or wonder why your work wasn't good enough for him) and two papers based on a simcity project. You have to play Simcity throughout the term, though, and it is actually really fun. (yay games as homework!) But do it, otherwise you're going to miserable the last part of the term, when you need to turn in one successful city of a million people that you create yourself.