General Chemistry 2001

Dec 2013

I got 95+ on all the sapling hw, did every odd problem in the back of the book (additional problems) and understood the material, and I feel horrible after the final. I want to write this review before I get my grade for this class, which will probably be a GPA dropper. I didn't have prior experience in chem so I studied a lot for this class. I learned every required chapter literally and still couldn't do well on the exam. The book asks easy direct questions, while the exam has these "If you take beaker A and mix it with beaker B which is 20% of this, then dilute it by 10, do this, do that, do that, what is the pH or something. You had to read a whole paragraph of this to understand the question and you had less than 50 minutes for a bunch of these. The question had part a, b, c, d, and e and you really had to know how to answer part a to do part b, c, d, and e. So if you don't get what part a asks, you got like half of the exam wrong. You never know what grade you are getting in the class. He said that everyone can get an A and that tests are not curved. So does this mean everyone can get C? It's December 26 and he still has not given our grades for Exam #4. Really? My grade in that class will be a complete surprise. He is a nice and funny guy I have to say. I liked going to lectures and I liked the demos, which cover like the review before said 10% of the material you should know. At first he appears as a sweet professor and you think how this guy could possibly be such an asshole. He is not really approachable at any time except his office hours, lecture time, or problem solving workshop. This class, along with lab consumed my whole semester. I also did not have a fall break or thanksgiving break because of exams right after. He said that the final could substitute your lowest exam grade. I think the final was my lowest grade! The multiple choice was some standard test and it suggested i believe 140 minutes. Magyar said he expected us to finish in much less than that on the final and do hard short answer questions and write an essay. I was so disappointed for the final. For the lab, the grading I feel is totally random. Sometimes I do one thing wrong I get a B. At other times, I get a B+ for nothing wrong. All the comments say Yes! Yes! Excellent! Great Calculations! B+- Great Job. What? Why not A? At other times I get an A- and I mess up a few times. The lab also took forever to write!! I spent the whole afternoon all the time before the lab is due. The labs are not organized and some labs are extremely long while others are really short. One lab was so long that it was not even graded. The timing of the class is so annoying. You cant have a 10:10-11:25 class or 11:40-12:55 class, which is a really popular time. Overall I hated this class. The exams were not representative of sapling and book and you are always confused on what you need to know and how you are doing in the class. I am so glad I am done with this class. Every time I check for my grade I get a mini heart attack before I see that it is not posted yet.

Dec 2009

She is a fair, reasonable professor. As the previous reviews say, she is not nice if you don't keep the rules and not do the work. But she has the most office hours for help in all the professors I saw, And if you try on your own and come find her during office hours, she will help you. Weekly PS: Try over the weekend and go to weekly help session held by the professor. You will see how much you can learn by doing this! Handouts given; Most information is on the handouts that she gives out. They are very crucial for the tests! (tables, rules) Plus, I wanna say, NEVER procrastinate! The final test will not be manageable if you procrastinate.

Mar 2009

Chapman is the devil- there is just no way around that. The weekly problem sets are difficult and she does not let you ask questions about them during office hours. There are dozens of office hours a week but they are all general unhelpful because she spends the majority of the time making you feel badly for not understanding the material you are asking about. She ripped up a girl's first exam because she was writing her name on all the pages- she said she had called time. It was the first exam of the semester and that was 12% of the poor girl's grade. People cried during the final exam. Exam 2 had an entire page that was not covered in the book or on any practice problem set, only on a single page handout given one day in class. A large portion of the final was on an acid base titration with NH3 as the base- something never discussed... we had ALWAYS been given something that had OH- so you could calculate pOH and then pH. The woman delights in being difficult and is generally a royal bitch during the day- if you arrived at office hours a few minutes early she would refuse to answer your questions until the hour began.

Jan 2009

Professor Chapman can be cold but she is not nearly as bad as the other reviews portray. She is really an excellent teacher who knows and cares if you've been putting in effort. She explains the material really well-chemistry made a lot more sense this year than it did in my previous two years of chemistry. This class has the most office hours of any class offered at Barnard- 50 hours a week; they are helpful,if you don't understand the material but don't expect her to do the problem sets for you. Lab office hours are great- Professor Holtz is really helpful.

Dec 2006

Professor Chapman is one of the best professors I have had while at Barnard. She is very professional and exceptionally knowledgable about the material. Her lectures are clear and well-prepared. She works hard for her students, and it shows. She makes herself very available for help (holding more office hours than any 10 teachers I know combined) and will sometimes stay after she is supposed to stop to help out. It is by no means an easy class, but if you work hard and utilize her as a resource, you will undoubtedly succeed. Yes, she gives quite a bit of work (but no more than any other science teacher... the sciences are work-intensive fields) and sometimes her tests are rather surprising (it seems kind of ridiculous to have a class mean on a test be a 58%...) but she is an exceptional teacher and I would reccomend this class to anyone even vaguely interested in Chemsitry.

Dec 2006

I have no problem with Chapman as a professor. I think she is a great lecturer. It seems like a lot of people thinks she moves quickly and her problem sets are difficult. But, I think there's an equal balance of difficult and not so difficult material. I think the department really tries to balance it for people with chemistry background (AP chem) and without background. Students without a strong background may have to work a little bit harder, but it isn't that bad.