The Films of Luis Bunuel and the Spanish Literary Tradition

Aug 2007

So basically this class was a lot of movies with some literature thrown in there and a whole lot of talking about nothing. We had to watch about 10 movies of Luis Bunuel, which I admit were interesting. But class discussion wasn't very inspiring, and I feel like everyone just repeated themselves over and over. Profesora Estrada would give a little commentary on the new movement in literature or movies that we were about to study, but it never seemed very important. Until it came to studying for the final, when she wanted us to know the differences between each "era." The literature wasn't very interesting in my opinion and when we had it (which wasn't all too often), she expected us to read it VERY quickly. Which, for me, a non-native speaker, was difficult. Estrada is very nice and speaks clearly and slowly, but I feel like I didn't get much out of the class.