Jan 2007

Prof. Bader is a Mellon postdoc fellow and received his Ph.D. from Harvard and wrote his dissertation on Pop Art. This seminar picked up from Picasso, through the major Dadaists and ended up with modern/contemporary American assemblage artists. Professor Bader knows his stuff. Early on in the class he tried to hammer in formalist doctrines into our heads (be ready to read a lot of dense, but amazing, Krauss). My biggest critique is that he likes controlling class discussions too much by not allowing students to speak in seminar, and is reluctant to change his opinion in the face of dissent. He is, however, fastidiously organized and responds to emails quickly. As a teacher though, I'm not sure he gave the students in the class enough credence to fully grasp the material because the reading was often too easy or basic, and class discussions were sometimes frustrating. A smart guy, but a so-so teacher.