Hegemony and Rebellion in the Early Modern Middle East

Jan 2007

I took Prof. Philliou's class because I needed to fulfill a breadth requirement for my major. I was completely NOT qualified to be in her seminar, but it was brand new, and beggars can't be choosers when it comes to filling seats. To say I was pleasantly suprised would be an understatement. Prof. Philliou was VERY knowledgeable, and yet never came across as pedantic. She has a direct manner when it comes to bringing up salient points, and allowed all students to bring something to the table. Sure, you had your students like me who knew practically nothing (ugh, and even the ones who wanted to talk anyway), but for the most part, the class stayed focused on the texts (which were interesting). Actually, it was the sort of warm, fuzzy seminar where the class bonds and likes each other- even though everyone was very different (GS students, grad students, even a sophmore). I highly recommend her classes, and predict she will be one of the great professors.

Dec 2006

Great prof, great class....highly recommended, even if you don't have the complete background of the subject.