Advanced Underwater Weaving: Making Baskets Fit For A Sea-King

Jun 2012

Most difficult class I've taken at Columbia. However, Prof Taussig will give you back as much as you put into the course. The readings, discussions, and test demonstrations are intense (no oxygen tanks or snorkling masks allowed, only reeds) but well worth it! I had particular difficulty in the "natural materials" challenge. Hudson seaweed just isn't made for asymmetrical, post-modern baskets! However, this course reaffirmed my decision to major in Underwater BW. I know that this class will remain with me throughout my education and career as the fundamental foundation of my very being and intellectual reasoning system. Some people might call Underwater BW a "joke major" do not be disheartened by this! This is one of the most challenging majors at Columbia-- both mentally and physically! It combines environmental science, physics, chemistry, political science (negotiating with merpeople), and others! However, I would suggest that you begin breath holding/pressure/ oxygen absorption training ASAP over the summer as the high amounts of Pollution in the Hudson make it particularly difficult to absorb oxygen into your skin while weaving.

Jul 2011

University is about transformation and in my opinion radicalizing the youth away from their ideologically paralyzed bourgeois commodified spectacularized work-ethic life. Down that line all you get is SEPARATION PERFECTED. We need more poet-philosopher-professors, what did Blake say? Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius. It depends on what you´re looking for, what your orientation is, or more likely what you´ve unquestioningly consumed from infancy and perpetuate compulsively. Im not innocent of this critical consciousness. WE LIVE IN AN ASPHYXIATING CULTURE. What are the secrets for changing life? You must change your life. What do you think estrangement is all about? Of course this is not for everybody, though i wish it were. It´d be an other world.