American Drama

Jan 2008

Zander is such a nice guy. He is a fair grader, he is funny, and he is very interested in his material, his class, and his students. His background is in performing and staging drama though, so my only complaint would be that this class did not have the intensity of literature and analyzation that I had hoped for. However, the class was always interesting, informative, and fun. His syllabus is great and covers the best of 20th Century American Drama (Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill, Tony Kushner, Arthur Miller). I would recommend this class to non-English majors looking for a fun, intro class on drama or for English majors interested in plays/ looking to fulfill the drama portion of the major's requirement.

Jan 2007

I really enjoyed Zander's class. With his charismatic voice and obvious theater background, lectures never droned. In fact, he ran a class of seventy or so like a discussion section, which I suppose people will either like or dislike. Surprisingly, participation was broad; people seemed to actually care about saying something. The course is pretty much a survey of 20th c. American drama, and has a great syllabus with all the big names you'd expect. Unlike many professors at Columbia, it seemed as though Zander really wanted to be teaching our class, and frequently made self-deprecating jokes about how it was the best thing in his life. He said that he would learn everyone's name and he did - when he walked up to me and handed me my graded paper before class I was pretty surprised; I had never spoken during lecture. All in all, I really liked this professor. To me the class, with its relatively light workload and enjoyable atmosphere, was a nice break.