Elementary French II

May 2021

Eric est fantastique! If you have the chance to take Eric's class, take it. He is very sweet, outgoing, and super passionate. He wants everyone to succeed, and will offer extra time outside of class to help you learn the language. Of the dozens of professors I've had so far at Columbia, Eric stands out as one of the best and most caring. There's no one I would've rather taken a French class with!

Apr 2021

Sarah Sasson is a wonderful professor. Granted, whether you are incredibly interested in learning French perfectly, this might not be the class for you. But you will feel supported, cared for, and have a fun, relaxed time in this class. She is an understanding professor and always willing to help you - you will not be penalized for bad/wrong work; she will always work with you to make sure you get the best grade possible She's very funny and fosters a very healthy class atmosphere, even on Zoom. Would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to take an easy class.

Feb 2021

Really mixed feelings about Prof. Crepon. She seems like she cares a lot about whether students learn in her class but refuse to actually teach materials. She wants you to come to class already knowing everything in the textbook. She tries to encourage her students to do extra work so she often ended up spending class time on speeches about how students are not doing enough and shaming those who made mistakes for not paying enough attention. I personally don't agree with her methods, but if you already do lots of extra work on French in your free time and just need a "coach" to push you forward (according to her own words), this is the class for you!

May 2020

Very nice, fun, and understanding. Fair grader and excellent teacher. He brought coffee for everyone during our first test and was very very accommodating when classes switched online (COVID-19). Also gives great French movie and music recommendations. Would definitely take more classes with him if possible.

May 2018

Hadley is an excellent professor, who truly cares about her students. Her course moves pretty fast and she gives quizzes after each chapter, but she does an excellent job making the intense workload doable.

Jun 2017

Sarah Lazur is a gem. She is passionate, helpful and hilarious. She also has the coolest life story. Would highly recommend

May 2017

Sarah gives you a chance to correct your test after grading, so you can get half of the points deducted. So getting an 80/100 will still give you a 90 after all. Also if you correct your composition, your can bump one grade up (ex. B+ to a A-). Follow the requirements, and you can get 90+ overall in this class. Just be sure to memorize the vocabs, get used to it throughout the week in class and at home. Grammar generally comes to you if you focus in class and take good notes. The new text book is pretty expensive, but you can use it for both French I and II.

Apr 2017

Pascale is one of the best professors I have had so far. She always comes to class in a good mood and has an infectious energy. She bounces around the room while explaining most questions or structures and tries to use as much french as possible to explain something if someone does not understand. Though I have not needed extra time on anything, she was extremely nice to people when they forgot or couldn't get something in on time. The quizzes are easy-ish if you study and the homework is quick each night. It's just a normal language class so you will have to expect to put in the effort to get anything out of it. Absolutely worthy of her nugget; Pascale made a 4 a week class be enjoyable.

May 2015

Loren is THE BEST. She absolutely deserves her gold nugget. She makes the class very manageable and easy to understand, and she never assigns too much work. Her class is also fun and social, with games and French songs. If you like sing-along, then this class is for you. Loren is also a fabulous dresser. Some people would say this is an unimportant quality in a professor, but I found it very inspiring seeing her all matching and in heels every day at 9am. It also makes you want to go to Paris, where everyone dresses fabulously - and making you want to go to Paris is really the goal of any intro French class. Loren is also so caring, understanding and approachable. If I ever had a problem understanding something or with an administrative thing, she would be so helpful. She is also a very easy grader if she sees that you are putting in effort. I got an A for this class both semesters, even though I got less than an A on several quizzes. Take her for Elementary French 1 and 2 if you can, because the continuity is great. But take her for either, because she is fun, interesting, an easy grader and an overall nice person who will teach you French in the best way possible!

Mar 2015

Denise Carroll is by far the worst professor I have every had both in high school and college. Perhaps some of the previous reviews had been posted prior to her complete lack of hearing and inability to follow a sentence. Although I cannot blame her for her extreme age, there are certain things a language teacher should be able to accomplish and hearing their students in order to correct them is one of them. We spend a good 15 minutes every class period trying to help her understand that what we originally said as our answer was correct or getting her to hear an answer in the first place. If she apologized and asked us to speak up, that would be one thing, but she gets angry at us for not answering questions we most certainly already have. On top of this, she is consistently 5-10 minutes late to class, does not follow the syllabus, and assigns random exercises that take hours to complete, and then never collects them. For instance, she asked us to prepare a 10 minute presentation on a European city for our class today, and at the end, says that she will have us present at random classes if there is time. She explains the most rudimentary concepts repeatedly, but often fails to address hugely important ones. I honestly learn more from looking things up online than I have ever from her. She also speaks French with a Belgian accent that is very hard to understand. I would avoid taking a class with her at all costs unless you already speak french and would be in it for the laughs..because at the end of the day, this class is so bad, it's comic.

Dec 2014

I'll get straight to the point: Pascale is without a doubt one of the best professors at Columbia. This woman is a godsend. Every single day she came in energetic and ready to teach, with the patience of a mother. I've been here for 2 years and this is the only Professor that I can honestly say wanted every one of her students to succeed. If you have the privilege to take one of her courses you'll understand what I mean. She's also one of the funniest professors I've had here, and her playful personality really made the class a joy to attend. If there was a platinum nugget, she deserves it. She said she doesn't check CUPLA but if you see this Pascale, thank you for everything!

Jul 2013

Okay I think the below reviews pretty much covered it. Loren Wolfe is a gem. She is unbelievably nice, funny, helpful, smart and not to mention extremely fashionable. She helped me through a personal crisis once when she did NOT have to. She is so unbelievably caring I can't even express it. Also the easiest grader ever. I got an A+ first semester and an A the second semester. She made me want to get up every morning after either being in Butler or Mel's till 3 am. She's brilliant and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her. TAKE HER CLASS

Jun 2013

I am the laziest person alive BUT for Professor Wolfe I will never be because she is just too fabulous! Honestly, she is AMAZING! I can't imagine a better professor then her. I took her Elementary French I class and was surprised as to how much I learned in one semester in comparison to the French I learned for three years in high school. Not only is she beautiful to look at, but her poise, intelligence, and creativity just brightens everyone's faces up. I was so happy with how first semester turned out so I decided to take her class again for Elementary French II. Both of these classes took place at 9:00am. Yes, I know, its way too early for anyone. But her persona will drag you into her class unconsciously. I TRULY enjoyed taking her classes for two semesters. Besides how great she is as a person, her work ethic is really clear cut and concise. You will earn the grade you deserve. She is very understandable and thus offers extra credit opportunities and just bonus points for showing effort and dedication. As nice as she is, she expects you to be in class to learn French and try. Professor Wolfe is human and understands that we will not speak as eloquently as a native french speaker but she will applaud you for trying. For both semesters I earned an A- and I did it by truly showing her that I am driven to learn and completing all necessary work. All in all, this culpa review is written to express how great she is as a professor and that anyone who has her as a professor won't be disappointed.

Apr 2013

Professor Wolfe is possibly the best teacher I have had at Barnard/Columbia thus far. Not only is she enthusiastic about her subject, she is enthusiastic about her students and genuinely wants them to succeed. She is also interested in her students on a personal level and every Monday, for the few minutes before class starts, discusses what everyone did with their weekend. Loren is so accommodating, understanding and is very flexible when it comes to missed classes (illness, religious observance, etc), making up exams/quizzes, and extra credit. Having had her for both Elementary I and Elementary II not much about her teaching style was different in Elementary II, but the course seemed to move faster through the material than it did first semester. By Elementary II she expects only French to be spoken in class with classmates, but if you need a concept clarified, you can ask her in English and she will explain it to you in English. She really explains the material in depth and encourages her students to ask questions. Loren is also wonderful when it comes to office hours. She sits with you and will write you example sentences and reference sheets on the material, while you are sitting in front of her. She won't let you walk out of your meeting not understanding a concept! All in all - her class(es) were a joy to take and I have loved learning from her. Definitely worthy of many more positive reviews!

Jan 2013

Amazing professor who will definitely make your love for French overflow! He is from France, so he speaks perfectly with the best Parisien accent that is music to the ears. He is always very kind, gentle, humorous, and it feels more like having a big friend teach you because he is so easy to talk to. His classes are also really organized and he makes sure you grasp all the major knowledge no matter how long it takes. Very patient and thorough in explanations, and you will feel free to ask any questions in class. He usually starts every class with "rechauffement" which is a warming up exercise that gives everybody the chance to speak. The emphasis on oral practice makes a huge difference in comparison to some other professor I had, and your ability in expressing yourself in French will improve if you speak out in class as often as possible, which he highly encourages even if what you say doesn't make a lot of sense :) Very generous in grading and he wants you to receive a wonderful, fun learning experience without much hard work. Just do your homework consistently and talk to him in French. He is always smiling and encouraging so you won't be intimidated at all. This course is my stress reliever, and I always look forward to it every day. Class always seems very short because it's so enjoyable. One of the best classes I've taken in Columbia. Highly, highly recommended. I would give a gold nugget to him if I can.

Jan 2013

Professor Baudry is, nothing short, of fantastic. One of the things that amazed me about this class is the breadth of what we went over in this class: From grammar, to writing, to actually a lot about culture, especially film. She plays quite a lot of interesting youtube videos in class which is a great change to the usual lectures. There's a lot of grammar to go over in Elementary French II, so likewise she goes over a lot of exercises in class. There are workbook exercises every night and while you could put them off (like me) you will have to finish all of them before each test because she collects the workbooks on each test day. Tests cover basically everything in lectures, and 2 out of the 4 tests could be resubmitted for a regrade with corrections. Not sure about her policy on regrades though. Be sure to know your vocab too. Lastly she assigns five compositions, each of which can be resubmitted for a regrade. In general, as long as you practice over the exercises in class, do the workbook, and study the vocab you will do fine. There is also a conversation midterm. Professor Baudry is extremely receptive during her office hours and after class and if you need any help she is more than happy to help out.

Jan 2013

She is an excellent teacher. She is the best language teacher I have ever had at Columbia, and probably the best teacher I have had at Columbia. She cares immensely about her students. She goes at a quick pace, but she explains everything very clearly. She makes sure that everyone is on the same page. She is constantly reviewing the material with the students and she constantly reminds her students to review themselves and exactly what to review. She is so patient each class and she is so positive and happy that I looked forward to each class. Your french will improve so much after one semester. I highly recommend taking Celine's class.

May 2012

I have never written a review for an instructor before but the night before her final, I feel compelled to do so. Celine is indeed, the best language instructor you will ever have. I have never seen classes so thoroughly prepared. She obviously spends a ton of time balancing every class with speaking exercises, pronouncing exercises, and reviewing grammar etc. You will speak French at the end of this class, whether you like it or not. The complete opposite of a slacker class, only take if you are looking to actually speak French and not just pass the language requirement, as you will be drilled on conjugations, accents, exceptions to the rules etc. until you hear them in your sleep. Since Celine puts so much energy into her classes, she expects you to put the equal amount. Even though all Elementary II classes had the same test, there is no way that any one was a harsher grader in terms of accents and other nuances than Celine. She also makes sure you are comfortable speaking. She allots time to talk to a classmate for like 4-5 minutes about 3-4 times every class with conversation prompts and makes sure you are speaking that entire time. She also is a big fan of randomly calling on students. I am getting a C in the class and have put an equal amount of work into every other language class I've ever taken here and gotten a B+ - A, however, I have learned more French this semester than I've ever learned in so short of a time.

Aug 2011

Pascale is an awesome french teacher. I was a little intimidated by her at first, but after a few weeks I got used to her sense of humor and really started to enjoy class. She really cares about her students, and tries to make class fun, or at least switch it up every once in awhile. She talks about culture a lot, which is a refreshing change of pace, and she loves to talk about Switzerland (where she is from). She's also very good at explaining grammar rules and very willing to answer questions. She does tend to tease people a little bit, but it's all in good fun and it sets a light tone for the class. My main advice is to go to her office hours. Even if you don't have a question about the lesson that week, just write a paragraph and have her look over it or go practice your pronunciation. She really appreciates the extra effort, and it will help your french and your relationship with her.

Apr 2011

Professor Macklovitch is not a very nice person. He has a very too cool for school attitude that is really annoying to deal with. When you ask a question that he thinks is stupid he tells you it's stupid and then sort of half-heartedly gives an answer and if you still don't understand he just sort of stands there and says something like i don't know what else to say. Where his real strength lies is with reading french literature, you can tell he really loves it. Unfortuantely the class is about 80% grammar and 20% literature. I decided to take his class becuase he got some amazing reviews here but they almost all ended with, "he's so hot so i might be biased". So if you want a hot professor take him, but if you want to feel like your professor cares about teaching you, or cares about anything besides his very tight pants find someone else.

Dec 2010

Celine is a real delight, and perhaps the best language teacher you will have at college. My judgements are not purely based in her cheery and lighthearted disposition - Celine will challenge your oral and written proficiency and bring you miles in your French comprehension in a very short time. She's always welcome and encouraging to students to come see her after class for extra assistance, and does not feel bad to correct your pronunciation even when you are asking her a question. Her course load is the same as the rest of the Elementary II courses, but she adds a flair to her homework assignments with special music video and television program recommendations which we discuss during class. I could not recommend her more highly.

Sep 2010

One of the nicest and best french teachers I've ever had! She is very sweet and patient and will make learning french a painless experience. She has a very methodical and organized way of teaching, which I really appreciated because french can be very tricky what with all of the so called rules with a billion exceptions. She's always giving extra helpful charts or tables to help clarify concepts which are not always so clear in the book. She also tends to prefer to type lessons, examples, etc., on Word over the projector, which is a lot clearer for taking notes and organized than than writing on the chalkboard. Sometimes language classes get a bit disorienting when you don't understand, but she's careful to try and put things in phrases we can understand. If a concept is difficult to understand, she will go over it as much as necessary to ensure everyone understands. She's also very approachable and straightforward with what will be on tests so there are never any surprises. Everything on the test will be on something we've specifically went over in class. And if the whole class doesn't do so well she'll give everyone a little curve. She grades fairly (both on tests and compositions) but definitely not harshly. Finally, she has a great accent. I attended one section where the professors accent was so American--not the case with Anjali. if you get the opportunity to be in her section--take it! She's great.

May 2010

He reveals some work: An exercise on Jolie Bien, Prof O'Keeffe Brian O'Keeffe is a very charming man. That is the first thing you should remember when you are debating on whether you should take his class. I did not begin the semester knowing that I would be in his class. But from the first half hour of my time with him, I knew that I would be learning French in an entirely more engaging way if I continued with him. Aside from his British accent (and the occasionally whipped out northern Irish and American ones), Brian also has a great sense of humor that he dutifully incorporates into the learning experience, including in his worksheets and grammar lessons. There will be innuendos. There will be pop culture references. There might even be an assignment where you have to write a harlequin story. But above all, it will be in French, or translated into French. Of course, I don't want to depict him as entirely casual or "fun"--people can walk in late often enough, but he also commands respect. He will personally email you if you don't show up. He will not comment on your lateness, but you will notice the slight pause when you enter the room. Not of disapproval, but of "It's fine that you're late, but I'd rather you were on time." Why? Brian cares if you're learning. If you're sick for a few days, he'll email you and offer to help you make up the material. He'll delve into his knowledge and take out Wikipedia-like lessons on French slang. We learned adjectives entirely by looking at great French impressionism. We practiced new concepts on Baudelaire and other French writing. Towards the end of the semester, we read a poem written entirely in Middle French, which Brian apparently speaks. And all throughout the semester, Brian helped us remember terms or concepts by the etymologies of the words themselves. Hardcore in all senses of the word, if you ask me. I wish him all the best, and that he'll teach a French literature class sometime.

Jan 2010

Emilie is a delightful professor with a really great personality and loads of patience. She gets back to your e-mails, makes cute jokes in class, and is generally very fun and approachable. With that said, I would proceed with caution into her class. She breaks into English a lot, and will usually field questions that you ask in English. This might be okay for some people--often, it was okay for me--but the culmination of these interludes made me feel a bit less able to handle immersion-style when I went into 1201. So for those who actually really need the immersion, it might be better to go with another professor. She also relied heavily on the book, which might just be the course-wide status quo, but I honestly wish we could have broken away from it more. On the other hand, Emilie was always willing to meet and help students, and she was always really helpful for grammar explanations. If you're a motivated student outside of class and can resist the urge to break into English, Emilie's fine. Her French is clear and easy to understand, so honestly you shouldn't need to break out of it.

Jan 2010

Anjali is one of the nicest, kindest, best French teachers you could imagine. My French progressed amazingly over the course of the semester and she was always available outside of class to go over work, practice pronunciation or just chat. Anjali was always cheerful in class and managed to make even the most boring grammar topics both understandable and enjoyable. The workload was pretty standard for the French department. She did assign a few extra homework sheets towards the end of the semester but they were always helpful in solidifying difficult grammar topics and at least one of them counted for extra credit. She was also flexible with deadlines throughout the semester and really seemed to understand that this was not our only class and that at times other work could get a little overwhelming. The very first class was a little overwhelming as she speaks almost entirely in fairly rapid French from the start (something my Elementary I teacher did not do). But by the second week it just seemed completely natural and really improved my French. I really can't reccommend her highly enough and if you manage to get in with her you're in for a great semester. She really does make the language requirement as painless as possible.

May 2009

Wow. Professor Pascale is exactly what makes it worthwhile to come to a place like Columbia. She is absolutely amazing, pleasant, and knows her stuff. To make it even better she's fair and understanding. Do whatever you can to get into her class and learn French from her, especially in the earlier stages. I am so glad I was able to be her student!

May 2009

First, this professor is one of the nicest people you will ever meet at Columbia. She is warm, funny, sincere. She really cares if you learn the French language. Professor Hubert-Leibler is the head of the French language department so you wonder how she ever finds the time for her undergraduate classes. She is absolutely organized when it comes to each class. She has every minute planned out so it's paced well with no dead zones of time. This professor is very fair with grades and you are really lucky to have her as your professor. I wish the pace of the class was slower so we spent more time on different items but that's how all the classes are at time to take a breath. I would definitely and highly recommend Professor Hubert-Leibler. Our class just adored her!

Apr 2009

Alexandra was a great teacher, always in a good humor and laughing. She uses the class period efficiently and clearly explains the course material, which is extremely useful when learning and distinguishing between different verb tenses. I learned a lot more than I expected to during these past two semesters in Elementary French I and II with her (yes, I liked her teaching style that much). She's a fair grader, gives plenty of useful feedback, and is always available to help with any last minute questions and concerns.

Dec 2008

Honestly, not my favorite professor, though I get the impression this semester just wasn't a good one for her personally. Students who do well enough on their own and want a laid-back language class will find her pleasing. Easy grader, patient, and decent at explaining grammar, she'll break into English no problem. Not recommended if you need an enthusiastic, immersion-style prof to keep you on task.

Aug 2008

French Elementary II was an incredible and eye opening experience into the rich world of France. I am now an avid Francophile and now am inspired to read every single piece of literature ever written in the French language. I only say this because Dave is hot.

Jan 2008

Unfortunately for Professor Carroll, she seems to always get really weird mixes of classes and just really apathetic students. I had her twice and both times the classes were full of GS students who didn't bother to show up most of the time, and when they did, never did the work, or really annoying and flaky freshman girls, or athletes who could hardly speak english. This made her job much more difficult and made her a little annoyed, but really, she is SUCH a nice professor. She really does want all her students to do well-- she'll take you aside and tell you so if you're not-- and she'll even offer you extra sessions on her own time after class that fit your schedule. She doesn't really care if you're late either (mainly because she's usually 5 minutes late as well). These french classes pretty much have a day-by-day syllabus written out for them and have to stick to the textbook so there isn't much flexibility, but she's good at laying it out for you and explaining the very detailed (and often arbitrary) rules of the language. She herself is a native speaker (she's from Brussels) so she obviously has a good grasp of the language. The one thing that really kills me about her though is her hearing. Obviously, hearing is extremely important in a class that is based on speaking and listening, but she seems to have really selective hearing. You can shout out an answer 5 times and she'll look across the room and ask the people on the other side who said the answer. Every time somebody said an answer, she almost always looked at somebody else-- it's really weird (but also funny). In all though, I'd say she's a good bet because she grades SO EASILY (seriously. really easily.) and all the exams are super straight-forward. There is NOTHING that isn't in the textbook or wasn't explained in class. She's also pretty nice and seems to always boost grades up at the end of the semester.

Dec 2007

Professor Rudolph is clearly a veteran teacher who takes her work very seriously. Her classes are very engaging and she uses a broad variety of learning tools in class. Don't take her section if you plan on hiding in the back of the class. Everyone is expected to participate.

Oct 2007

There is a lot to recommend an instructor who is a native French speaker - you definitely get a taste of the culture you wouldn't with someone for whom it's just a second language. Denise is Belgian, and so she will extol the virtues of Belgian beer, chocolate, and the rather wonderful Jacques Brel. She'll even show you photos of her beloved native Brussels - and it all adds greatly to the experience of learning French. You can't forget how to form the imparfait once you've heard Brel sing: "C’était au temps au Bruxelles bruxellait …" or the passé composé after singing along to "Je vous ai apporté des bonbons ..." I went straight out and bought his greatest hits. Denise has a sense of humor, which is great when you are trying to learn a foreign language. You can't take yourself too seriously when you're trying to get your tongue round those pesky French pronunciations. She can seem a little brusque, sometimes, but I think it's just a cultural thing. Denise doesn't take any cr*p, and the class moves at a nice pace - not too fast, which suited me, as I had been struggling a little. She was kind and helpful when I saw her during office hours, after getting mired in the grammar.

Sep 2007

Too many people conflate "nice person" with "good professor." MadAdam is a nice guy but really just an average prof. Sticks closely to the book (which is barebones), not particularly adept at explaining the grammar nuances, way too lenient. He's the way to go if you just want to slug through the language requirement but if you actually want to learn as much as you can then there are better options.

Jul 2007

I am in love with this man. He's cute, he's funny in a totally geeky way, he's really nice, and he totally improves your french - the language, I mean (unfortunately).

Dec 2006

I've had nothing but terrible French teachers throughout high school, so I especially appreciated professor Skippon. I learned more in a semester with him than I did in my previous four years. He is a fantastic professor who may appear a bit unstructured, but you simply learn so much just going to class. Accordingly, I highly recommend attending as many classes as you can; it's so much better than trying to teach yourself out of the book. He paced the course just right, and everyone felt prepared for the final. His grading was tough but fair, and he has to be one of the most understandig professors (but, like a previous reviewer said, you won't want to take advantage of him.) He has a dry but hilarious sense of humor, and the entire class has a very relaxed atmosphere. Class participation is a big component of the course, but he doesn't make you feel stupid if you don't know something. He's probably not the easiest French professor, but you will not regret taking him, particularly if you plan on taking higher level classes.

Sep 2006

I just wanted to second the other review. Thomas Martin is a great teacher. You learn a lot, but you do so at a relaxed pace.

May 2006

He's a great teacher with a good sense of humor. As a result, you look forward to going to class. He teaches the material well and strives to make it clear. His manner of teaching is to have you write example sentences of what you have just learned. This is always done with a partner, and the exercise helps you grasp whatever concept your learning. He's also a fairly easy grader.

Apr 2006

You definitely want to have Sarah as your French teacher. Extremely accomodating, helpful, and not one of those French teachers that will not let you say a word in English. She's not much older than the students, but a lot better looking.

Jan 2006

Cecile is wonderful! Even if you come into this class a hundred percent sure you want to major in lasers, you'll seriously consider at least concentrating in French after having a class with Cecile. I think she's new, so she had lots of enthusiasm and lots of energy. She also isn't just trying to "get you through" your language requirement; she was seriously dedicated to teaching us to speak French, and to speak it very well. She was really a stickler about us constantly speaking French, and English was spoken very rarely, only when someone was seriously confused by the grammar lesson, and the English explanation only came after exhaustive attempts to explain in French. She's also a very lenient grader which I think kept everyone motivated and enthusiastic about the class. If you're serious about learning French, Cecile is the instructor you want.

Dec 2005

French with Samuel has been a fantastic experience. I've found that in almost every foreign language class I've taken, the teachers tend to be a little disorganized and don't stay on task, and of course, Samuel is no exception, but we've completed the course without rushing any single part. The workload is entirely manageable, and he isn't too hard a grader. He's also EXTREMELY understanding about extensions, etc.- but you won't want to take advantage because he's so nice. He's a fair grader and sincerely wants and expects you to learn the language and will do whatever he can to facilitate that. All in all, a fantastic language teacher, take the class.

Mar 2005

I'm right in the middle of midterms with her right now. We're 2 weeks behind the syllabus. Last week, we breezed through what she admitted as the "most difficult part of French", although the standard syllabus requires at least a week and half for study per chapter. My grades thus far: A +, C, A-, D-, and this inconsistent performance is far from unique. The classes consists of either cocktail parties at the Maison Francaise, very few fragmented lectures on crucial gramattical structures, supplemental commentaries about "how we're irresponsible", retaliatory pop quizzes (penalizing the ones that are IN class and not those that ARE NOT, huh??), and a routine of covering textbook material question per question. She sometimes forgets to mention what our homework assignments are, and when we hand in our homework, she either doesn't correct them or hands them out 3 weeks later (thus ruining the purpose of homework). The effects of her inconsistency has reached such a level right now that merely 6 of 14 students showed up last class, and this is due to our monumental frustration. She's charming but she can't succesfully maneuver this aspect effectively. That pretty much sums her up. Is this slander?.. I think not.. Avoid her like the plague.

Jan 2005

Just do yourself a favor and avoid her. She means well and understands grammar well but has difficulty explaining nuances in english, as it is her second language. She also seems extremely overworked and is completely useless at grading and handing back tests, compositions, and homework.

Jan 2005

Ana is absolusely lovely. She is extremely patient with the class and is very understanding. She takes the time to make sure that everyone understands everything, and while she likes everyone to speak french all the time, she has no problem re-phrasing something in french 5 times until the whole class understands. She tries to make everyone speak in class, although it is possible to get by without speaking that much at all, which unfortuantely means you don't necessarily improve your spoken french THAT much unless you make the effort yourself. She tries to make the class fun(some fridays when very few people would show up we would play hangman in french), and she brings in supplementary material that is interesting(we read some of Napoleons letters to Josephine and some Moliere). I would definately recommend her as a teacher for this level of french.

Jan 2005

Professor Shonfelder wants to have an organized and productive class but does not seem able to pull it together. She takes forever to give assignments back and sometimes just leaves them in her mailbox to be picked up. She goes very slowly through the material at the beginning of the term until she realizes how far behind the class and than goes through the material too fast to be comprehensible. She also assigns confusing group projects in class and then is annoyed when nobody is doing anything because they don't understand what they are supposed to be doing. She has a good understanding of French and is good with explaining grammar but she is also sometimes hard to understand as she is speaking French with a German accent.

Aug 2004

I am still taking this course, but I felt that I just had to say something about Greet. This is the second part of Elementary French and, naturally, most of us are far from being fluent. However, the amount of French that we have learned in this intensive summer course is tantamount to what one would learn in a whole year. Greet is as enthusiastic a professor as I have ever met and during the two hours/day four days a week that we meet, she keeps the group involved and constantly talking and discussing the nuances of the language. I would absolutely recommend Greet van Belle if you really, really want to learn French.

Mar 2004

i really enjoy delphine's classes. she is very laidback and understanding, and patient with students such as myself who have no background whatsoever in french. she is enthusiastic and clearly knows french well (not just because she is a native speaker...after all, how many native english speakers don't know english well?). i would highly recommend her. the workload is incredibly manageable, and delphine is a great teacher.

Jan 2004

I completely disagree with the other reviews. I took this course in the spring of 2003, and I thought she was a very good French teacher -- much more engaging than others I've had in the dept. She always had new activities to do in class, I learned a lot, and I actually enjoyed French (which was surprising because I only reluctantly took it to fulfill my requirements). But I thought the class was actually fun. At first it took me a litte while to get used to her English accent, but I didn't think that was a big deal. I'd recommend her.

Oct 2003

If you have troubles, questions, or concerns about French then this is the professor for you. He is helpful and makes his students feel comfortable and relaxed. French is hard enough, and without the support of a solid teacher one can get lost in the language. If you have the chance this professor is engaging and quite gifted in his ability to see the potential in each and every student.

Jun 2002

the previous reviewer is really off-target and unfair. yaelle is a sweet and funny person always willling to hold office hours and answer questions. her tests ARE hard, but the class is leniently curved. she provides lots of practice in class on grammatical concepts and she seems to understand individual students' weaknesses and strengths.

Apr 2002

Erin is the best instructor of any sort that I've had here at Columbia!!! If I could suggest one singular improvement to the university, it would be to give Erin tenure. Regardless of the fact that she's "just" a Graduate Assistant, she is the most enthusiastic and motivating instructor at Columbia. To give you an idea as to how much she has done for her students, she has taught the 9 am class both terms this year. And this semester, it was so full that students were sent to other classes. For a 9 am class to be full over later classes says something. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of 9 am classes, and I very well could have taken a later course. But you don't feel like you're working, nor that getting up at 9 am is hard, with Erin as your instructor. In lots of other language classes, you feel like you can't make a mistake. In Erin's class, making mistakes is as crucial as speaking the language perfectly. There's little competition, and people share in each other's experiences. Erin's comfortable acknowledging her own mistakes but won't make you feel embarrassed with your own. The skits you'll do at the end of term are tribute to this--everybody has a great time writing ten-minute sketches in French. At the end of last term, the entire class was rolling in laughter by the presentations. Overall, it's a warm, comfortable environment. You'll love class and the French language if Erin's enthousiasm takes over. Amidst the blase attitude of many of the tenured professors here, Erin is a shining jewel of an instructor.

Apr 2002

Gods, how I have hated this woman's class. Simply put: in my opinion, Yaelle does not know how to teach well. The class is reminiscent of a bad cross between the Spanish Inquisition and that high school language class you know you hated. She'll spend long periods reading the grammar explanations directly from the text, and when you have a question, she says "WHY don't you understand?" as though you're just supposed to magically acquire the material. From what I hear elsewhere, French is a language that is spoken with clarity. She is rarely accessible and fond of assigning things at the last minute, changing dates of tests upon a whim, and just generally exerting control because she can do so. I mean, defending your dissertation is no excuse. You can't treat your students as though you expect them to worship at your divine altar. Yaelle is the worst instructor I've ever had at Barnard, and I am taking the next portion of this class at Columbia to escape her section. I highly suggest you do the same. Note to incoming BC French students: Yaelle is currently scheduled to teach both sections of Elementary French I in the fall. Run across the street; it's probably easier at Columbia anyway.