20th Century Architecture and Urban Planning

Jul 2007

The lectures were absolutely dry. It was a rare moment when I felt that I could keep my attention focused. Though I feel that I learned alot, it seems that most of it was not because I went to the lectures. The discussion sections were really helpful in reinforcing the material (which, when discussed in a different manner, I found interesting). The workload, however was reasonable, but the slide tests (both midterm and final) covered an EXORBITANT amount of material - all to be memorized and spit back.

May 2007

She is very sweet and her lectures are very informative. She's always available after class. And by the last day I was surprised to know that she learned a lot of students' names! I don't know what I spent more of the class doing, listening to her lecture of trying to see through the dark whether or not she had on a wedding ring.