Constitutional Challenges

Jul 2007

Simply the best professor I've ever had the pleasure to have. I would literally leave class shaking with passion, and have to collect myself before doing anything else. She's a powerful civil rights attorney, which is obvious just from her lectures, where she crescendos to a shout about constitutional injustices throughout American history, beginning with questions of slavery and ending with civil rights violations post 9/11. We even got the opportunity to see her defend a client in the courtroom who was trying to attain legal resident status. She brings in amazing guest speakers, who really add to the discussion of the topic at hand (like when discussing prisoners' rights and the prison industrial complex, and brings in a formerly incarcerated friend who describes his ordeal). She will win you over in the first 2 weeks (though the first class is a little awkward; hold out if you're just shopping). The only bad thing about the class is that it's the only one she teaches at CU; I would take any class this woman teaches.