Global Energy and Geopolitics

Feb 2009

This man is truly fantastic! He knows more about these subjects than any other professor you are going to get here during the school year or the summer. He is especially knowledgeable about Russia, the Caucuses, and Central Asia, areas that I had little interest in before his class but now find myself reading about in the news all the time. I'm a polisci major, and I haven't had another class that compares. If you have any interest in energy, intelligence, or how the real international political world works, take this class. It is really eye-opening and in fact it will make you realize how little you really do know.

Jul 2007

This class is interesting. You don't have to pay attention, as I'm not paying any right now. The B is a very interesting gentleman with a taste for snazzy suits; foppish but highly intelligent. Scatological lectures, but he does indeed know what he's talking about. He doesn't, however, let you eat in class. I like his accent, which is Azerbaijani, but sounds South African. I hear I'm going to get an A. Rock on.

Aug 2005

Bininachvili is an interesting guy. Clearly, he knows what he is talking about. He speaks 8, maybe 9 different languages. He used to work for the Soviet Foreign Office (i think, but no one really knows....) His lectures are usually pretty captivating, and his ability to convey the reality on the ground in both the middle east (his used to work in Tehran) and the former Soviet bloc (he's from Azerbaijan) countries really makes you feel like you're learning <i>how the world actually works</i>. Overall, you learn a lot. Sometimes, the material can be confusing, especially when you start talking about the different names of russian and arabic or persian organizations. Moreover, he is funny, and it is clear that he likes to have a good time in and outside of class. I reccommend.