Balanchine/Music and Dance

Jun 2007

Lynn Garafola is a rare asset to the Barnard Dance Department and one that I treasure greatly. Granted, she assigns a great deal of reading and viewing assignments and the research paper can be daunting after you have your first meeting with her (she gives you enough ideas for an dance anthology). Like many professors at Columbia/Barnard she is brilliant, but expects a great deal of dedication from her students. She has a knack for memorizing EXACT dates and other historical information and will not hesitate for a moment to correct you in class or in your papers (which will be returned to you in a timely manner but covered in copious amounts of red ink). Her lectures might get disjointed at times, which I believe she knows, so she relies a great deal on participation to steer the class. Be prepared to watch lots of videos thoroughly discuss them. She favors students who are serious dancers who know dance terminology and history, but tries to cater her lecture to the greatest common denominator. The ticket to getting that rare A? Passion - you must be 100% dedicated to the quality and historical accuracy of your papers (and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the New York Performing Arts Library is a necessity. You will most likely spend all of your times researching there as the materials are non-circulating.) She excels at teaching the individual: the more meetings you have with her the better you work and the higher the grade.