Chinese Feminisms

Dec 2013

I took Historical Approaches to Feminist Questions with Professor Ko and loved every minute of it! (for some reason CULPA's not showing this class, but I wanted to make sure Professor Ko got a good review somewhere on CULPA!) This woman is everything you could want in a professor: she's incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what she's talking about, she treats her students like adults and allows them to have their own insights about which she is happy to have conversations, and she's seriously funny, although her humor always catches you off guard, since she's not the type you'd expect to make the types of jokes that she does. The class was great. Professor Ko assigned a lot of reading for each meeting (about 50-100 pages per week) but she speaks so passionately about all of the readings that she really makes you want to stay caught up. Seriously, I hardly did any CC reading this semester, but was happy to read 50 pages about gender differences across cultures even when I knew I wouldn't be required to prove to her I had done it. I found the class pretty enlightening; we talked about all these different ways of thinking about things that seem so natural to us and Professor Ko really got us to queer our perceptions of what we identify as normal. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. The material was interesting and the professor was remarkable.

Mar 2007

Having the chance to take a class with Professor Ko was one of the reasons I decided to come to Columbia and she surely does not disappoint. Perhaps it was the material itself or the interesting viewpoint Professor Ko brings to class (Chinese studies legend feminist fashionista) but every class period was incredibly interesting. She is very open to your views about the material even if they are not her own, and if you have limited knowledge of Chinese history/culture, she is even more accepting of your views. In addition to leading a fascinating class, Professor Ko is an extremely nice human being who is always willing to bring you extra materials (as she did for many of the final projects) or discuss anything with you outside of class. Furthermore, she DOES look at her students in class, don't worry about that!