Economy & Society

Mar 2017

Take this class. Prof Whitford is both engaging and thoughtful. Class is comprised of lectures, readings and discussions. Interesting topic and he is truly a great speaker.

Jan 2011

Loved, loved, loved this class. I highly recommend this course to any Columbia student (I'm not a sociology major!). Prof. Whitford has a great way of forcing his students to speak (and consequently think) carefully about the subject matter. It was almost like he was fixing my brain, scrubbing it of the bullshit impulse I had developed for small group discussions. The readings were pretty great, and I felt they were usually both informative and enjoyable to read (some could be considered 'pleasure reading' even). I loved the way Prof. Whitford ensured that the class understood and internalized the concepts discussed. Instead of being tested on tedious memorization or mindless regurgitation, we were asked to understand a few key concepts. If you show up and pay attention, you'll pick up on everything he wants you to learn. Big fan.

Mar 2010

In a word- amazing. This is a brand new course that Prof. Whitford designed. The reading is extremely interesting, and really challenges the way we as a society tend to think about the economy. Every single reading was important to the total understanding of the course (this is perhaps the first time that I can truly say that none of the reading was superfluous to the thematic structuring of the course). Weekly response memos (of which you must submit 8 out of 12) really helped to cement my understanding of the week's reading. Prof. Whtiford emphasizes our understanding of economy and society as a whole, and he wants to see if we're really understanding the material and able to make connections between the readings. Prof. Whtiford is intelligent, a good lecturer, and incorporates a lot of class dicussion (but doesn't use class discussion as a way to fill in time he should be talking, as some profs do). Overall, I highly recommend this class to both sociology majors and non-majors.