Elementary German I and II

Apr 2007

Dalia ist sehr fantastisch. She's delightfully friendly, wondefully enthusiastic and totally warm and genuine. She's also the best way to learn german. I don't think she stops smiling. You never want to miss her class - she always engages everyone and she's never condescending. But she does correct you if you're wrong, which is absolutely necessary. She's not gonna drive you with grammar and put notes on the board everyday. That's what the book is for. Dalia is all about participation - if you participate, you will learn. Plus, she's pretty lenient. Lateness won't kill her, but the homeworks do count in your grade. I'm going to miss her next year.

Aug 2006

Anja is an amazingly enthusiastic teacher. Sometimes I wondered where her enthusiasm came from when she was teaching a group of just 10 students, most of whom were just taking German to fulfill their language requirement. Her accent is perfect and she actually manages to make German sound nice. Her teaching style is very much by-the-book and if you don't like being taught like you're in grammar school, don't take her class. Sometimes you will feel like she's talking to you as if you're five years old. Other than that, her class is a lot of fun. You will learn a lot from her.

Mar 2003

Easily the best instructor I've had in any class this year. He's a native German speaker, but knows English better than most of his students, and always makes sure he explains things as comprehensively as he can. He understands English and German very well, and knows how to teach German, at least to us beginners. And as an added bonus, he makes the class increadibly enjoyable, peppering his lessons with both witty, impromptu jokes as well as some crazier antics. You can tell he's having fun teaching, but he still approaches his class with a remarkable level of professionalism for a grad student. It's worth taking his section, even if it entails the dreaded Friday class. If you see him as an instructor, sign up for his section, and work the rest of your schedule around his class.