BC1601-BC1602 General Chemistry

Dec 2018

I really enjoyed this class! Professor Austin is a cool chemistry elf who clearly knows her stuff and genuinely wants everyone to do well. That being said, this was definitely my hardest class, and this is coming from someone who took a lot of chem before Barnard gen chem. At one point, I was freaking out about my grade but she made the time to meet with me (and this woman is busy!) and reassured me that I was not going to fail the class, while also setting me up with a tutor, which was fantastic. Each day is preceded in Canvas with a module that basically goes over the topic of the day, along with videos and resources like practice problems. I found these very helpful and would highly recommend going over them more than once, especially when studying for exams. I was pleasantly surprised with how the class ended up for me and it reaffirmed how much I like the subject! Take this class if you are prepared to work hard and ask for help(!!), and you will be rewarded. Overall, positive experience and would definitely recommend her as a teacher!

Dec 2016

I had Prof. Alexander for Gen Chem lab, and he is wonderful! He is passionate and funny and eager to answer any questions his students may have. He is knowledgable and kind. He is a very tough grader, but anyone in this course will learn a lot!

Apr 2001

Chapman is certainly on my list of top ten teachers ever. She gives a formal and professional lecture, but welcomes any and all questions in class, no matter how seemingly stupid. I really felt like she wanted us to understand the material, and since she is a walking genious of the subject, she did a great job explaining it, slowly and clearly. She was especially helpful during her office hours - the weekly problem sets are tough, but she is more than willing to help you figure it out, without actually feeding you the answers. The exams are hard, but what do you expect - it's chemistry! They hold no surprises if you study and keep up with prob. sets. True, you will hear that she is not a particularly loving, sweet-talking, motherly figure, but what does that matter? She know her stuff damn well, and she, unlike many who are also experts in their fields, know how to teach it.