FYS Mortals, Creatures, and Subjects

May 2007

Taylor Carman requires first drafts before final essays, a request that doesn't seem as big of a pain in the ass as it actually is. His concepts of first drafts and final drafts differ from those of the rest of the world in that he expects two entirely different theses, theories, papers etc. You would think that as the class continues you would be able to guess at your grade based on the amount of work you put in. Basically it's a grade out of a hat, and if you go and try to talk to him you'll receive cryptic, "I can't thoroughly reread everyone's papers beause of the sheer number of papers" answers that you leave you tempted to fling hamlet in his general direction. And after you worry and agonize over you grade, you find that the final grade is completely different that what you expected. I don't mean to sound like a jaded student, trying to get out of my frustration by bashing him on culpa. His lectures were really quite interesting, as he constantly questions whether or not we exist, and if you're into the whole "it's not 'why are we here?' but 'are we here?'" line of questioning you'll be thoroughly amused. Also he has no problem interrupting, but don't try and do it to him.

Mar 2007

Professor Carman is a really great professor. He's engaging and the class is surprisingly interesting given the tough reading. The class is very interactive and it's a good place for debating some fundamental philosophical arguments. The only downside to the class is that he seems to be very fixed on his viewpoint at times. I find this to be a problem with most academics, however, so don't be surprised. Fight for your idea in your papers and argue persuasively. In the end, you'll have learned to argue your ideas more efficiently despite the grade.

May 2005

Prof Carman is a really nice guy, the readings are pretty interesting for philosphy-lite, but like most first-year requirements, this class is pretty boring and useless. Prof. Carman is very gracious about everyone's opinions, even those that are pretty dumb. It's easy, boring, and you can skip as often as you like: all in all, a decent way to fill the Seminar requirement first year.