Grammar and Composition

Sep 2007

Pepe is a terrible teacher. he admitted to us on the first day of class that he had no syllabus, no lesson plan, not even a theme for the semester. he ended up choosing bullfighting, and so we spent the first two months reading outdated (like from the 1950s) articles on the beauty and art and history of bullfighting, and then listening to pepe talk about his life in spain, and how he is the best and most qualified professor in the spanish department (he got a little riled up one class and started screaming at us about his overqualifications...) then we did the midterm "anonymous" reviews, and all six of us (yes, there were only six students in the class) asked for more structure and grammar, so we were then assigned grammar excercises from a book on reserve at butler that we had to check out and photocopy for each class (because the homework was only given one class ahead of time). the entire class time was then spent on correcting the grammar exercises. towards the end of the term, he announced that we we spend some time discussing illegal spain. this consisted of watching the first ten minutes of a movie about a moor crossing the straits of gibraltar. And compositions? yes we wrote them. all he did was correct grammar and spelling, never any actual feedback on writing or content. he spent a lot of time complaining about how students spoke and wrote spanish translated directly from english, but never did much to correct that. i went to his office hours and he was not helpful at all. our final paper was supposed to be a fantasy/romance. yes. overall, a complete waste of time. and nobody felt their grade was fair, considering how disorganized and unclear the class and grading scheme were. now i am in the intro to hispanic cultures class, and seriously worried that i have lost all ability to speak or write spanish.