Equity in American Higher Education

May 2011

Lehecka and Delbanco are the shit. This class is brilliant. Take it if you have ANY interest in education whatsoever. The reading is well chosen and thought provoking. That being said, the assignments are several hundred pages of reading a week. So, take this class when you've got some free time (ie not when you're in CC or Lit Hum). This seminar is worth it. Google Lehecka and Delbanco, and you'll be so appreciative that you get to be in a room with them and have one on one discussions with them. They are fascinating people. Course admittance is by interview, so Lehecka knows everyone in the seminar and hand picks people. Discussions are really interesting. Note: Lehecka and Delbanco are probably the slowest speakers on the whole campus - but they're also saying some deep shit. We also had Prezbo come talk to us about affirmative action. So boss. So glad that I had the opportunity to take this course. There's also a volunteering component of the course at the Double Discovery Center. It's 4 hours a week, so yes, time commitment. But if you care about improving education, then this will be a valuable resource. Plus the DDC is on campus and the students there are driven, so it's a pretty great experience.

Oct 2007

Everyone at this school should take this class! It's jointly taught by Roger Lehecka and Andrew Delbanco, who are quite possibly the slowest talkers on this entire campus, but it's a small seminar, the readings are fascinating, and the service componant really enhances everything. I'm not sure why Delbanco actually teaches anything, because Lehecka is the real authority, but having both of them there gives insightful and sometimes differing views. Plus Lehecka is this cute old man, but when you talk to him, you realize that he's brilliant, that he founded the Double Discovery Center when he was a student here, and that he's one of the most renowned educators in the country. Kind of amazing, actually. If you're interested in education AT ALL, take this course!