Cervantes/Shakespeare's World

Dec 2007

Professor Grieve is fantastic! She really deserves a star, and I hope that my review will contribute towards one. She is one of the kindest profs. I've had at Columbia. For this class, we read a lot of early modern english drama (e.g. Thomas Middleton, Philip Massinger, etc), Othello, and Cervantes' novelas, which are really fun. It will help you understand the period a lot better: i.e. Shakespeare wasn't the only dramatist at this time. The correspondences among the works made the class really special. We would go over the text very carefully in class so those who didn't understand the spanish reading or didn't have the time to finish the reading emerged with a good grasp on the text anyway. And discussed the issues brought up, like the Spanish-English war-faring dynamic, and their common fear of Christian converts to Islam. The class deals a lot with Spanish contact with North Africa, too. She's brilliant and nice: what more could you ask for? She photocopied all the material for us from her bilingual parallel-text edition to save us money and time.