Victorian Novel

Mar 2010

Professor Cregan is adorable! She's nice, approachable, and a good lecturer. She is good at balancing lectures and discussions. This class is meant to be a lecture. So, although she always gets her lecture in, she always opens up space for student participation too. The discussion part is sometimes hard to follow, but her lectures are always on-point and interesting. I definitely recommend this class with her. Sometimes the reading is dry, but her lectures always help me to appreciate the books and see them in a new light. Some English classes are too student-discussion centered, and some are too professor-rambled centered. But, like I said, this class definitely strikes a balance. I also like that she is open to student suggestions. She always takes into consideration whether or not her assignments are too much. For example, there was one time when she revised the syllabus just to give us an extra session to discuss a book. Most professors forget that students have other classes. So, if you enjoy reading and good insight on the readings, then take this class!

Dec 2007

I don't see what all the fuss is about. I'm going to ignore the fact that I didn't really enjoy the readings when reviewing Dames because judging by his patterns in lecture, the novels weren't really important. He would spend 95% of the class talking about something in Victorian society only tangentially (if at all) related to the novel itself and then in the last 5 minutes make some obscure statement about how what he was just talking about is somewhat related to the novel. Some people seemed to eat it up. I didn't. I was hoping he could shed some light on why these books are important, why they are still read, and what we can gain from them. Instead, I sat through lectures on subjects as varied as suicides in 19th century Europe and Phrenology. I want my time back.