Colloquium: Political Violence and Terrorism

Dec 2008

Her style of teaching is, at first, very off-putting because she is very combative and challenging and won't accept any vague comments. If you can remember every theory you read in the weekly readings and can connect them to your own points, you'll be successful in discussion, but otherwise, she will hate you and confront you every chance she gets. That said, I learned SO much in this class - we read the true basis of all security and terrorism theories each week and you really learn so much about the subject using different case studies (Afghanistan FATA region, Chechnya, Israel/Palestine). Also, the structure of the course is very well set up to cover every aspect of the subject. She is incredibly brilliant and the subject matter is incredibly relevant today - TAKE THIS COURSE!!

Feb 2008

I loved International Politics with KM, but this class was a disappointment. KM was her usual amicable if intense self, but the material was clearly outside of her realm of expertise. Maybe it's because I had high expectations going into it, but I felt that the readings and discussion were analytically superficial and intellectually lightweight. Case studies ranged from OK to really good, but the theoretical readings she assigned were just bad. There's a lot of great/classic material on terrorism and sub-state violence that's out there, but don't expect this class to cover it. If you want KM at her best, I say take Russia and the West. Otherwise, to get a better grip on what you'd expect this class to cover, I recommend Gottleib's Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism or Bett's War, Peace, and Strategy. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have wasted my time.

Jan 2006

Professor Nacos is a very approachable and warm instructor. The seminar discusses the issues of terrorism in various locales. The class is a really easy seminar. Reading her book and a bit from the reserve can be enough if you know anything about current events. If you work hard on the paper you can get an A without doing much during the semester and its always fun to talk about current events with a terrorist specialist.