CREA W1001

Dec 2007

Scott was really great. He's very supportive and nurturing but not in an effusive way. He'll really push you - at the end of the class you will inevitably be a much better writer than when you started. He is very big on letting people write the stories they want to write. He is more about guiding students to help them make their stories the best they can be than telling you what good fiction is or isn't. A few things you should know about his class. Do NOT be late, it will cost you. For every lateness you will lose half a grade. This is not a bluff, he really enforces it. Because it is a workshopping class tardiness really throws off the rest of the class. Also, he will make you work for your grade. You will really need to follow up on his and the classes suggestions when polishing your work. The more you do this, the better you will do at the end of the semester.