Hispanic Studies I (Muslim-Colonial Spain)

Jan 2008

Personally, I liked Crapotta a lot. He's energetic, clearly passionate about his field (Golden Age of Spain, Don Quixojote, etc), and knowledgeable beyond belief. I think he gets the short end of the stick from the department and the students. The department give him WAYYYY too much material to teach in 3 hours per week and the students feel frustrated to learn it. Being an upperclassmen was slightly frustrating because the midterms were a total regression to high school: remembering DATES of battles, rulers, etc and then putting them in chronological order. Lots of 2 pg papers, the first few with a chance for revision. Crapotta tries to help you and wants you to do well. He cut down our workload, and was good about giving people the chance to come in and talk to him about anything from grammar to how you feel in class. He's not the easiest grader (nor the hardest), so I'd say his course is a good choice.