Chem 1411

Jan 2008

Parkin is a very personable professor, he peppers lectures with magic tricks and videos to keep students amused. This sometimes takes up time that could be better used going over the course material. All midterms and finals are multiple-choice, many of the questions are copied exactly from the sample quizzes and ungraded homework he posts to Courseworks - make sure to go over these before exams. Some are trick questions but many are pretty straightforward. Grades also depend on quizzes given by TAs, these are announced in advance and require written work, diagrams, as well as fill-in-the-blank answers. He figures out your grade with a complicated formula, you can drop the worst component and the worst quiz grade is automatically dropped. Parkin posts his lecture notes online before class, but he sometimes adds tidbits in class that aren't in the notes, so it's worth going to lecture (even if you don't like magic tricks). Some midterm and final questions come from the textbook and aren't emphasized in the lecture notes. Even though there's a lot of stuff in the text that isn't covered in the course, make sure you know the material that is covered, since the overlap between the text and lecture notes isn't complete.