African-American Literature I

Jan 2014

Amazing class! All selected texts are incredibly interesting and enlightening. Her lecture style is excellent, very engaging, yet relaxed. There's one 5-page paper, one in class midterm (IDs, passage analysis, and essay) and one take home final (three 2-4 page essays on different topics and including most of the texts/authors as options for analysis...basically lots of freedom to craft eloquent essays). If you do the readings, you will do very well in the class. I recommend attending lectures because Farah Griffin provides great insight on the various texts. Midterm: 92, Essay: 92, Final: 96

Jan 2011

Excellent class. Professor Griffin assigns the right amount of work for each class, it's substantial enough that you feel like you're leaning, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed and don't do it. Her lectures are really interesting and she takes questions at the end of each class. She is able to place each text within a historical and literary context so you leave feeling like you've really understood many dimensions of the text. She's super nice and funny, very welcoming at office hours and replies promptly to emails. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get a solid background in AA literature.

Jan 2008

I was exposed to texts that I wouldn't have been otherwise. My understanding is his area of expertise is poetry and the poems we read for Harlem Renaissance era women poets (who get very little attention in the academy) were great. I believe he made an effort to create a balance on the syllabus between canonical literature and obscure works. I don't understand why some students say his lectures are tedious. When I took the class the students gave him an ovation after his last lecture at the end of the term and he deserved it.