International Politics Seminar: The Cold War

Sep 2015

Weekly meetings. Apparently attendance is not mandatory. Focus all of your time on the research paper, don't bother with the assigned readings.

May 2008

This was the first political science seminar that I took and I really enjoyed it. When I glance over the other reviews of Professor Jervis from Intro to International Politics, I feel as though every once of those reviewers would change his or her mind upon taking a seminar with Jervis. In a small setting, Professor Jervis is a gem. He's a brilliant mind in political science, and it's truly a gift to have two hours in a small setting with him. You will learn so much from him--and lots of his anecdotes are very entertaining. He is also very approachable for office hours and was extremely helpful, offering to go over your paper with you after he graded it. He will always make time for his students. My only problem with the seminar was that half of the class didn't take it seriously. I think that many are reluctant to attend a Jervis seminar because of experiences with the intro class. Intro to International is boring no matter who you have it with, so please don't let that class turn you away from this seminar. The reading load was quite easy--a book a week which you didn't really have to know by heart. There were no presentations required of each person on the reading, just a presentation on your research towards the end of the semester. I highly recommend this seminar--you won't regret it!