Readings In Hebrew Texts I

Dec 2016

Professor Harel's class is a really interesting look at the world of Hebrew literature through various forms of media. She is a very kind person and really wants you to do well in the class. As someone who has not been in a formal Hebrew class since graduating middle school, she provided me with an opportunity to continue developing my language skills through a humanities approach to language. I loved reading all of the selections and watching various TV shows and movies. My skills as both a writer and critical thinker (in Hebrew) really improved throughout the semester. The pieces covered a range of interesting topics that both expanded our vocabulary, and gave us some more insight into Israeli culture. Professor Harel was also an incredibly approachable professor who was always willing to answer any questions about the course, be it about content or fixing grammar mistakes for the exams. I highly recommend taking this course, even if you have placed out of Hebrew or have finished the initial 4 semesters. There is still a lot you can gain from this class.

Aug 2008

Nice lady but not the most challenging class if you have completed the required Hebrew classes to take this class (which is considered an upper-level language class). Very easy to get side-tracked on conversations about the roots of words or how to remember the grammer of a word. Not a difficult grader and will regive a quiz if the class does not do well. Overall I am not even sure that the quizzes factor into our grading, and I doubt the homework did either. Homeworks and assignments are given two grades: content and language. Most people get an A on the first and an A or A- on the second. Overall the class was enjoyable and I would take it if it fits your schedule.

Aug 2002

The best class you will ever take. Everyone must take it if they can. It is like no other class. The structure Prof. Raphaeli creates is amazing. The prof. is the best. She will teach you so much and you will have fun at the same time. You as a class will decide the direction that class my take. When a class says a text is too easy, the next text will change accordingly. If the class decides something is too hard you will recieve an easier text. You will learn so much. Everyone does and everyone enjoys it, even if all at different levels. The Prof really know that everyones learns differently and everyone is at a slightly different level. What might not be an achievement for one person is for another. You will definetly feel great in this class no matter what your experience is as long as you try and you do your part. I looked forward to this class everyday.