Religion and Its Critics, Philosophy of Religion, general

Sep 2008

If you want a thought provoking and intellectually challenging course, take one with Proudfoot. While his lecturing style may be a little dry (although definitely decide this for yourself - lots of people love him), he provides great insight into the material. Proudfoot is a really nice and accommodating professor. He is happy to meet outside of class and go over the material or the papers for the class. He is really knowledgeable but completely non-pretentious about it. He is happy to have a real discussion with students and here what you are thinking. Religion and Its Critics is an awesome course. It's a great way to cover major 17th-19th century philosophers, but addressing a topic that seems to get less attention (religion vs. metaphysics). Examining these texts provides a good basis for thinking about Enlightenment philosophy focusing on issues of tolerance and the notion of truth. The course and syllabus is well structured and organized. However, if you don't read the texts you just won't get as much out of the class - and it's a lot of reading. Also, I recommend taking CC first. While you could hypothetically take it before - the material will be much more appreciated after having the CC (especially second semester) courseload. Philosophy of Religion is also a good course but the syllabus is a little all over the place. You touch on issues of proofs about god, the problem of evil, politics and religion, feminism and religion etc. So, while certain of the topics were interesting in it of themselves - it might have been nice if the course was a bit more focused. The reading is much lighter than Religion and Its Critics - the hardest stuff being Kant.