Cognitive Linguistics

May 2016

Linguistics students, take this course. As far as course material goes RLLG gives you a broad introduction to CogLing, and in particular important terminology, readings from the big fish in the field, and how to find underlying CogLing principles in our daily language use. You end up doing a lot of independent research for her papers, going through youtube videos and reading outside articles. Class discussions were lively and there's a lot of freedom built in to her assignments. For longer papers and even for shorter assignments you can write about most anything you want as long as you can frame it in a CogLing way of thinking. This class plugs a big hole in the CogLing-light Linguistics "department." So take this. RLLS is smart, really nice, and responds to e-mails quickly, even at hours when humans shouldn't be awake. It's a plus to know Spanish for this course, but it's definitely not necessary.

Jan 2009

Professor Gasparov is everything you would have hoped for. Brilliant, well-spoken, but never intimidating. The course has a definite ideological bent, but that's sort of the point-- you get enough Chomskyan linguistics elsewhere (psych, CS, intro to linguistics), so this class provides a useful contrast.