Societal Adaptations to Terrorism

Apr 2012

Extremely boring. He is very smart and nice, but not at all engaging. He also does not seem to care if his students are paying the least bit of attention in class. The class is essentially a lecture instead of a seminar. Some of the readings seem dated, especially those written before 9/11 (for a class on terrorism, this is very pertinent). This class will suit those students looking for extra time to be on Facebook, are interested in the subject enough that they would read the texts of their own volition, and/or want a very non-eventful seminar to complete their degree requirements.

Jan 2009

I really enjoyed this course. Like in a lot of seminars, he would contextualize the readings in broader theory and then students were asked to present the readings. When he spoke, he was clear, well-organized, and informative. Though listening to the presentations after having done the reading made the reading itself a bit redundant, there was a lot of interesting material. Professor Spilerman is not the type of man to care deeply if students choose not to engage with the reading or the course, so it is easy to get by without doing it. But if you do keep up with the coursework and pay attention in class, it becomes clear that Professor Spilerman is a very smart man who cares about his students very much.