Intro to Social Cognition

Apr 2019

Nice prof, nice class, nice exams! She's pretty excited about the class and has an uplifting energy. Good class!

May 2011

This review is not going to be about prof. Sparrow's character and sense of humor - both of which are as pleasant as unrelated they are to the actual material. Social cognition as a subject is perhaps the most fascinating of all academic topics I ever dealt with, but this is largely cancelled out by boring lecturing style of prof. Sparrow and an unacceptably large class (150 students). Turning an interesting material into a boring routine is an academic crime and should not be rewarded by silver leaf. That said, 2-3 days of studying should get you a good grade on any of the 4 exams.

May 2009

Take her class! Honestly one of the best professors, if not actually THE best professor, I've ever had. Down-to-earth, really wants every student to do really well in the course (she actually told me during office hours that I should just skim the readings rather than read them all in full when I went to ask her how I could turn my 85's on exams into 95's), very accessible, chooses interesting topics for lectures, is refreshingly unpretentious and clearly loves what she teaches. She puts a lot of care and work into her class and always tries to be kind, fair, and helpful to students. She is fantastic (and I can be very critical of professors, trust me). She's also very understanding if you are sick or have a family emergency and need to take an exam late or come to office hours for help because of it.

Apr 2009

Prof. Sparrow is young, friendly and really intelligent. So easy to talk to! The material is fascinating and covers a selection of interesting phenomena that will have you wondering and thinking back to the course in everyday situations. She's funny and gives good examples. The reading is not heavy and only some of what's on the list is required. Our test was hard once, but she was very reasonable about grading it so that things were fine in the end. In fact, the best thing about her teaching style is that she really wants you to understand the main issues and get the point and is not a sticlkler for details.