Intro Lab to Cellular and Molecule Biology

Mar 2015

I too walked in the first day of lab panicking from what legend says about Wanda. I shook as she hovered over me watching me micropipette and sweat whenever she asked me a question. After some time i started to understand her. She just has a really dry sense of humor and most people take it as her being mean. She means business but also really wants you to understand what the experiment is. She breaks down the procedure for lab to make it really easy to understand. She repeats herself constantly and makes sure you know what you are doing. She tells you exactly what she wants in her lab reports so while she goes on an hour rant about her expectations DON'T ZONE OUT! She really tells you exactly what to write so pay attention! So all in all she is really scary but she's also really funny once you break down that barrier of intimidation. Also always ask your TAs for help they are amazing.

May 2012

When I was first looking at classes I read the below reviews, and was freaking out about taking Dr. Goldstein's class. Thank goodness they were all flat out wrong. I was with her for the Biology Journal Club as well as both lab sections, and I can't explain how nice she was. People think lab was so easy because the material is stupidly simple, but in reality, it was because Dr. Goldstein made everything so abundantly clear that we could grasp what would otherwise be more complex material. She was wonderful at helping us understand the nuances, and really understanding the material. That being said, I missed on lecture for some reason and found the material quite difficult to learn on my own. I wished I had been in lecture that day. That being said, she doesn't yell at you if you leave in the middle of lab. At the review session at the end of the year she specifically told us to leave if we wanted or had other work to do. The lab is easy because she is efficient in teaching, and though the labs themselves were tedious or a bit boring and simplistic, just be thankful they seem that way. Things could be much worse.

Jun 2010

Dr. Mowshowitz is a terrible teacher. While her lectures are occasionally interesting, she is nasty to her students. I always thought it was the duty of a professor to 'set their students up for success'. Dr. M sets you up for failure. I didn't do as well as I wanted on the first exam of the semester. I went to her an explained my study habits and asked for some advice on how to improve. She essentially went through my exam and told me that I should have known the things I got wrong and offered no advice. I did all the homework problems, and I did them in groups and alone. Normally, one would assume that the homework would provide practice for the exam, or at least show you the importance of topics (for example, more problems on one subject would mean it was more important). This wasn't the case. The one problem made of terms she only mentioned once (I searched through the lecture notes) was a quarter of the exam. I sought out tutors for the finals. The ones she had listed for the most part didn't know the material. When I mentioned what I was feeling in the course (that the material given to me had little baring on the exam), they all understood and said that most of their students felt the same. I think this course can be summed up by a conversation I took part in earlier in the semester. I was talking with two students, one that didn't really put in much effort, and another that went to both lectures, read all the lecture notes, took notes on the lecture notes, and did all the problems twice. The one who didn't put in much effort did above the mean, and the one who put in an insane amount of work got well below the mean. This course teaches steps a and b, but tests on step m in the made up language that Mowshowitz speaks. For anyone who sits there and tries to say that the people complaining are just lazy and mean spirited, you happened to be the small percentage of people who speaks Dr. M's language, a skill that has nothing to do with biology, being a scientist, or being a doctor. I hate that this woman thinks that she has the sole duty of determining who is qualified for med school, something I don't even want to do, and decides that she must be the gate keeper.

Mar 2010

Wanda Knauss has a really bad reputation but is no where near as bad as people seem to think. I've had her for two semesters now and am glad for it. She's extremely intelligent and is always willing to help. However, she doesn't spoon feed you answers. Instead she asks questions in a way that lead you to the correct answer. In other words, you actually have to use your brain. She's also not an easy grader and can be picky, but I learned a lot from her. Frankly, too many people seem keen on blaming her for their own mistakes. A lot of the corrections she makes make sense. If you want to do well in her class just pay attention, actually learn the material, and be ready to think.

May 2009

Wanda is a mean-spirited person and will ruin your grade. By all means avoid her lab section. She made me miserable all semester and Dr. Goldstein,who runs the labs did nothing about it, even after I went to her for consolation.

Apr 2009

If you get Nora for your lab instructor, you should thank your lucky stars. This was her first semester, and I think she did an amazing job. She's really knowledgeable about the material and can help you out with any questions you have during lab, but she keeps her opening lecture concise, which is helpful. She's also an extremely fair grader. She makes lots of useful comments and corrections on the homework, but doesn't necessarily take off points for every little mistake. The best part about Nora is that she's extremely friendly and approachable (unlike some of the other lab instructors). Definitely take her section if you can.